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  • Select the App you want.
  • Find the subscription plan that suits your needs and make the order.
  • Then you will receive a link to a page where you will be able to customize your App.
  • Your App will be delivered at your email address.
  • Use the App freely as you wish and we’re here if you need assistance.

Current options are: Iceland, Bulgaria and Switzerland.

From the moment that your order enters our system, your App is automatically created on our servers.

But each App is connected to a domain. This means that we don’t have control over the DNS propagation time frame. Usually DNS changes will propagate within a few hours, but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours. Three factors affect propagation time, including your TTL, your ISP and your domain’s registry.

We solve this by working with the most reliable domain registries, which helps us make each App available usually within 1 to 12 hours.

You can upgrade your subscription at any time by contacting us at:

  • Yes. You are free to select that option while customizing your subscriptions.
  • Many businesses prefer to use their Subdomain to connect an App to their Website. This way, the connection is considered firstparty, and therefore they are exempt from the cookie banner placement requirement.

Yes, that is an option we support. For more info contact us at:

We do not allow our Apps to be used for the purposes on this list:

  • Adult products and services.
  • Counterfeit products, replicas or designed infringements of them including products designed to circumvent IP.
  • Products or services that promote hate, violence, discrimination, terrorism, harassment or abuse in any shape or form.
  • Pyramid selling, chain letters or other financial scams.
  • Click farms.
  • Mail order spouse or international match-making services.
  • Drugs, and tools specifically intended for the production of drugs, drug paraphernalia, illegal drugs, substances designed to mimic illegal drugs and/or other psychoactive products.
  • Products or services which illegally violate the copyright, trademark or privacy of others.
  • Products or services specifically offered or intended to be used to create, produce or grow drugs or drug ingredients.
  • Fireworks, flammable or radioactive materials.
  • Weapons, ammunition, military arms, explosive devices and firearm parts.
  • Products or services with which the provider avoids the law.

DANIAN’s customer support team is here to help with all your questions. Every customer has access to LiveChat and email support.

We regularly send notifications to our customer’s emails at every phase of their order.

  • You will receive your App at your email address.
  • We do this by sending a one-time access link which contains the access credentials (email and password).
  • The link can be accessed only with a password which is contained in the email.
  • Please write the credentials on a piece of paper.
  • After the link is opened it becomes instantly unavailable for future access.
  • After you access your App please change the password so that only you will have control over it.

  • It is extremely hard to make email secure and private.
  • The majority of mainstream email services are not viable.
  • We recommend these options: Selfhosted email, Tutanota and Posteo.
  • We selfhost our email, which we use for our main communication.

As many as you need. The sky is the limit. Each App is billed individually which makes it possible for you to add or cancel Apps whenever you want.

We support: Partnerships and Referrals.
Contact us at:

  • Debit and Credit Card
  • PayPal

Yes, you can. When you fill out the billing form, you have that option.

  • We provide a one-time 3 day free trial and a 15 day money back guarantee.
  • For more info visit our Terms of Service.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question you can contact us here