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Private Gallery App for Professionals
who Value their Private Data

Your own replacement of Flickr, Google Photos, Apple Photos, Amazon Photos, Photobucket, 500px & MediaGoblin.

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Storage: 50GB

Bandwidth: 10TB

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How does this App improve my life?

  • Maximize your Profit by regaining control over your own data
  • Reduce your Risk by storing your personal and business photos in a secure location that is under your control
  • Reduce your Stress & Improve your Health by knowing that your data is not shared and sold
  • Improve your Relationships with other people by keeping your personal life private and not accessible to Search engines at the click of a button

What is Gallery?

  • It’s a Private Gallery Management App
  • You can use it to manage, organize and share your photos, videos and documents easily on the web
  • Individuals can use it for managing their private albums
  • Professionals & teams can use the advanced permissions control to show their work to their clients, publicly or privately
  • Public sector, companies & foundations can use the Digital Asset Management field to focus on affordability, performance & sustainability
  • It is privacy focused up to the point that it doesn’t include any analytics, tracking & ads
  • Everything is available through your Web browser, Desktop & Mobile devices

Easy to understand and navigate,
whether you’re techie or not

  • Everything has been done for you. All you have to do is use it as you wish
  • From home to office to home office, the App is available to you anywhere & any time
  • It supports hundreds of thousands of files with included search option
  • We handle all daily maintenance, backups and security patches so that you can focus on using the App

Get a best-in-class configuration by default, no tinkering needed

  • Fast Log in, upload, batch manage, filter, organize, browse, view & share photos
  • Administrators can create users, groups, manage permissions & send notifications
  • Server performance optimization per specific App use case
  • Ultra fast SSD disk systems
  • 1Gbps fiber-optic network

Personal support available 24/7

  • We have a dedicated team of experts available for all your needs
  • Your App is monitored for Uptime every 5 minutes. If it stops, our team receives an automatic alert and fixes it without requiring you to contact us
  • For specific questions contact us at:, and we will resolve any issues as soon as possible

Enterprise-grade security

  • Dedicated Firewall
  • App isolation & sandboxing
  • Protection from XSS attacks
  • Brute-force attacks protection
  • Enforced HTTPS across all Apps
  • All unused incoming ports are disabled
  • Protection from App cookie hijacking
  • Encrypted backups
  • DDoS protection



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Discover more

The App subscription includes

  • Gallery is a Private Gallery Management App
  • Add Files: Files can be added via a web form, with a FTP client software, with digiKam, Shotwell, Lightroom, iPhoto (Mac users), Aperture (Mac users) or mobile applications for iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Multiple size photos: Each photo is available in 9 sizes, from XXS to XXL, for improved compatibility with various screen resolutions
  • Watermark: Gallery can automatically add a watermark on app photos, to protect photos against unwanted copy
  • Albums: Each file is bound to one or more albums. Albums are hierarchical and there is no limit to depth
  • Tags: An administrator describes photos with tags, then visitors can browse photos by tags or multiple related tags, for example “night + Paris + John”
  • Calendar: Extracted from EXIF metadata, Gallery knows the date of each photo and is able to display photos for a given day, month or year
  • Access control is handled by the user manager, restricting and granting varying levels of access to photos and albums
  • With the use of plugins Gallery may be used to handle videos
  • Notification system: Users can be alerted of changes and updates through RSS feeds, E-mail or sharing on social networks
  • Privacy Focused: No 3rd party analytics or tracking included
  • Ad-Free: No ads in timelines, or anywhere
  • 600+ Available Free Themes & Plugins |Link|
  • 50/300/1000GB SSD Disk
  • 10/50/150TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Custom Domain
  • SSL Certificate
  • Ability to upgrade anytime
  • Custom App hosting location
  • Zero third-party connections for maximum privacy
  • Daily Backups & Updates
  • Regular Security Patches & Speed Optimization
  • Uptime monitoring every 5 minutes
    If the App stops working, our dedicated team is instantly on it
  • Privacy protection
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support

Gallery App works on all your devices

  • All Web browsers are supported
  • Mobile clients:
    F-Droid App |Link|
    AuroraStore |Link|
    Google Store App |Link|
    Apple Store App |Link|

Get more info about the App

  • The Gallery App is based on the opensource software Piwigo
  • Learn more about Piwigo using Video Tutorials:
    Watch privately |Link|
    Watch at Youtube |Link|
  • Learn more about the software at the Piwigo Website |Link|

Questions? Answers.

Current options are Iceland, Bulgaria and Switzerland.

From the moment that your order enters our system, your App is automatically created on our servers.

But each App is connected to a domain. This means that we don’t have control over the DNS propagation time frame. Usually DNS changes will propagate within a few hours, but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours. Three factors affect propagation time, including your TTL, your ISP and your domain’s registry.

We solve this by working with the most reliable domain registries, which helps us make each App available usually within 1 to 12 hours.

  • Debit and Credit Card
  • PayPal

Yes, you can. When you fill out the billing form, you have that option.

We provide a one-time 3 day free trial and a 15 day money back guarantee.

DANIAN’s customer support team is here to help with all your questions. Every customer has access to LiveChat and email support.

Yes, that is an option we support. For more info contact us at:

  • Yes. You are free to select that option while customizing your subscription.
  • Many businesses prefer to use their Subdomain to connect an App to their website. This way, the connection is considered firstparty, and therefore they are exempt from the cookie banner placement requirement.

  • We request as little personal information as possible.
  • We select hosting servers from countries that respect privacy.
  • DANIAN has no access to your personal information because all payments are conducted through a payment processor.
  • We use opensource software and no thirdparty connections are allowed.
    The only exception are the payment processor domains which are required for the processing of your order. We have enabled those connections only on the pages where it’s absolutely necessary.
  • If we manually issue any invoice to you, your billing info is sent straight to our accounting firm, which handles our legal obligations. Then all billing data is automatically deleted from our servers.
  • All employees use privacyfocused hardware and software.
  • We care deeply about Privacy.
    As a result, we created this highly detailed Privacy Guide.


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