45 Ways the Wealthy Buy Privacy, Anonymity and Security

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If you’re reading this blog, it can only mean one of three things.
You are a millionaire, a billionaire, or on your way to becoming one.

You’re certainly not lazy or unambitious, because those people don’t waste their time learning valuable information and instead waste their time on menial BS.

But, you understand that Time is the only Currency that matters.

And what is important to You, The Wealthy?
If you ask a 90-year-old man with 100 billion, what would he give to be 20 again?
The answer: He would give all his money!

This means that The Wealthy recognize “money” for what it truly is: just a tool, nothing more.

However, being Wealthy means that you are now a target. That means you’ll have to go to great lengths to protect yourself, your family, and your powerful empire.

These are the 45 ways the wisest Wealthy people buy their privacy, anonymity and security.
Let’s start!

0. Proper Foundations

  • The Affluent pay according to the value of their own time, not of the product or service.
  • Having control over your own data is more important than convenience.

1. Executive Protection

  • The Wealthy do not simply hire “bodyguards”. They contract with specialized firms that provide them with a highly trained executive protection team.
  • Applications include residence protection, corporate office protection, unnecessary embarrassment protection, invasion of privacy protection, random crime protection, and travel protection, among others.
  • Executive protection agents are typically recruited from former military and law enforcement ranks and must complete a rigorous education and certification process.
  • Agents are trained in advance work and planning, communications, surveillance, emergency medical response, and logistics, in addition to combat, defense, and firearms.

2. Bulletproof SUVs

  • Some billionaires decide to just blend in and drive some beat-up trash can, while hoping that nobody will notice them.
  • Meanwhile, the majority of the Affluent buy the best and travel with peace of mind because they know that most risks are automatically eliminated.
  • And which one is the best?
    A $300-750k SUV that is machine-gun bulletproof, RF and EMP proof.
    It contains no GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, IoT devices, a smartphone connection, self-driving capability, and is mine-proof. Because they weigh 3-7 tons, the best models currently use diesel or gasoline as fuel. They can drive for up to 30 kilometers on flat tires.
    It contains survival equipment as well as all of the technology required for the worst-case scenarios.
  • Each SUV comes with instructions on how to operate it. Specialized military/army professionals provide the training.

3. Encrypted Email

  • Email is notorious for being insecure. So it must be encrypted at the very least.
  • The best commercial solutions are Posteo and Tutanota. It should be noted that any company that is served with a court order within its own country will almost certainly hand over your data. So, if the company does not have the encryption keys to your emails, you should be fine.
  • The most private option is to pay a professional/company to set up a self-hosted encrypted email that is under the owner’s control.
  • The vast majority of the Wealthy delegate email access to their trusted assistants. They handle every email that comes in and notify their boss via secure encrypted messages.

4. Dating

  • If you are in the “poor” or “rich” class and think that dating is hard. Hah, well, think again.
  • The Wealthy, like everyone else, want to love and to be loved. They are, however, a target, which makes their lives in general much more difficult, and dating nearly impossible.
  • The best case scenario for dating is meeting people within their own circle through social clubs or exclusive dating apps.
  • The optimum case scenario is meeting people through the regular dating scene, day-game, and night-game. However, this adds a new requirement: using the services of specialized companies that conduct background and threat checks on everyone they meet, even before the first kiss. To put it mildly, the Wealthy don’t like being dragged through the courts for actions they did not commit, while their reputation is ruined.
  • Divorce rates among the Wealthy are significantly higher than among the “normal” population. That is why they must be more careful.
  • Some Wealthy men and women hire detectives to track the movements of their loved-ones 24/7. So, if their partner cheats on them, they can reduce the risk a few steps ahead of time. This is illegal in some countries, so they go to great lengths to play by the “legal rules” while still obtaining the necessary daily information.

5. Cloud Account

  • When the Wealthy want their digital files to be accessible and shareable across all of their devices, they do not use mainstream providers.
  • They either self-host it or put their trust in the Drive App.

6. Traveling & Vacations

  • Coach is unquestionably not an option when flying. In most cases, the same holds true for the business class package.
  • The Wealthy fly in private planes (owned or rented) because it saves them time before and after the flight and provides them with unprecedented privacy.
  • They hire professionals and companies to handle the logistics of their business or vacation trips. As an example, they can get hotel rooms pre-checked and privately accessible under an alias. They don’t even stand in club lines because the security risk is too high, so they are greeted immediately by club doormen.
  • You won’t find the Affluent at the standard tourist spots. They usually rent entire private islands with only a few other guests. When they want to enjoy the sea/ocean, they buy/rent a yacht.
  • When they travel, they pay to keep out of the public eye.

7. Music App

  • When they want to enjoy their favorite Music, whether alone or with friends and family, they upload it to the Music App. All the while knowing that their privacy is protected.

8. Public Records Data Removal

  • The first source is public records databases run by government agencies. They post the records online for public access. Included in these records are information about marriages, property purchases, tax assessments, arrests, mugshots, vehicle ownership, and driver’s license information.
  • They hire specialized firms to provide compelling legal reasons to government agencies for removing this personal data from public view.
  • They also hire companies to take legal action on a regular basis to remove their data from Data Broker and People-Search sites.

9. Socializing

  • The Affluent frequent Country Clubs, Private Group Memberships, Private Gyms, Wine and Cigar Clubs. That is the best way for them to socialize with like-minded people.
  • These locations are also excellent for networking and forming long-term business relationships.
  • These private clubs employ the same filtering technique as discos. The worst clubs are those with free admission. While the best clubs have very high entrance fees, the men pay them because they can afford it, and the top girls go there because they will be able to relax and enjoy the night without being bothered by sloppy-drunk losers every 5 minutes.

10. Delegation

  • The Wealthy are successful because they understand the value of their time.
    Lets assume that a man makes 5 million per year, which results in $2.500 per hour.
    This means that he will delegate EVERY JOB POSSIBLE that is below this number.
  • They delegate: landscaping, property maintenance, shopping, call scheduling, security, digital privacy and trip planning.
    Basically, if they want, they can delegate everything, EXCEPT making love to their spouse and homeschooling their children.

11. Passports & Citizenships

  • They are where they are financially because they understand how the world actually works.
  • That is why they have a thorough knowledge of human history. And by understanding the history, they can see the repeating cycles during the entire human existence.
    In a nutshell, the clock goes in this approximate order: Anarchy, Tribes, Kingdoms, Republics & Democracies (Free-Market Capitalism), “Democracies” (Crony-Capitalism), “Socialism”, “Communism”, Tyranny, Destruction, and Anarchy again.
  • They understand very clearly in which era they are currently living.
    If they are living in a Republic or Democracy, they will create as many businesses and jobs as they can, because the Affluent actually love to generate value for other people.
    However, if they are living in a Tyranny or one of its many other forms, they always make sure to have 3-20 citizenships in the countries that will most probably not get nuked in the next 30 years.
  • Some people entertain nationalistic ideologies and love their countries. While many of the Wealthy regard the countries as nothing more than service providers. That is why they ALWAYS go where they are treated best. Our best regards to the team of Nomad Capitalist.

12. Banking

  • Very few people are aware of the banks’ history. The ones that understand how they actually work, can benefit. Others, on the other hand, find themselves in debt with no way out.
  • The Wealthy don’t keep all their eggs in one basket. They use the services of the best banks which help them guarantee the safety of their finances.
  • The best way to avoid paying taxes while still utilizing their wealth is to obtain bank loans (0,5-1%) based on the value of their company’s stock. This way, the stocks will continue to grow in the future, and when they eventually sell some, they will retain a much larger percentage of them than if they did it a few decades ago.

13. ToDo App

  • What goes through a poor person’s mind?
    Mostly, what will my family eat tomorrow?
  • What goes through the mind of the Affluent?
    How can I create more value for other people, grow my empire, and protect what I’ve earned?
    This is why these people do not freely share their thoughts/to-do notes freely with the rest of the world by using mainsteam providers who will sell their entire data set.
  • They either self-host the software or use the ToDo App.

14. Debit, Credit & Virtual Cards

  • Physical cards are only used in the physical world. They all have predetermined spending limits. The damage is greatly reduced if any are lost or stolen.
  • Virtual cards are used for all online purchases. They also have predetermined limits.

15. Subtle Anonymity

  • The media portrays the Wealthy as people who travel with expensive luggage, dress in designer clothing, and arrive by helicopter. However, this is far from the truth. They understand that dressing and acting like “normal” people is the best way to move around in public.
  • Some Wealthy people own homes in middle-class neighborhoods. They do their best to make the house and backyard look exactly like the other houses.
  • Others, on the other hand, own land as far as the eye can see. Because of the trees and other obstacles in front of their house, you can’t see it from the street. Furthermore, the property is equipped with the best high-end security. They understand that the best way to stay under the radar is to not be on it at all.

16. Zero TV

  • Because their time is precious, the majority of them do not even watch the news.
    Mostly because they understand that it’s just propaganda.
  • They use the NewsFeed App and have 30+ credible news sources activated on it, from which they receive a daily summary on their devices.

17. Property

  • The first level is to have large plots of land, so large that you can’t even see the house from the road.
  • A high fence and trees are strategically placed on the land’s edges.
  • Some even put a “poor-looking” fence on the side of the street and an electrified fence inside, behind the trees. This way, the property receives little attention, but anyone who enters is greeted harshly.
  • The property is secured by high-tech security and executive protection personnel.
  • The entire property is covered with RF shielding, which also includes GPS blocking with a jamming signal.
  • Architects are hired to conceal the buildings. This includes the structure above the land, and the construction of entire underground home which is built as a doomsday nuclear bunker.
    All rooms are linked to secret passageways that lead to multiple safe rooms.
  • They also maintain a low profile by keeping their mailing address out of the public eye.
    Today it’s easy to rent a box at the local post office.

18. Watching Movies

  • Why go to the cinema when you can have one right in your own home?
  • However, they do not have accounts with the major providers. They give their assistants a list of movies, they buy them, upload them to a Media App, and they are instantly available on every device that is connected to the App. They can then watch their favorite movies whenever they want without compromising their privacy.

19. Property removal from Public Maps

  • The Affluent defend themselves against criminals by hiring companies that assist them in removing their property from Street View and Maps.

20. Alarms & Cameras

  • Everything is recorded and filtered by security professionals even before anyone steps foot on the property.
  • Nothing is sent over the internet and all recordings are self-hosted.
  • If an action that is not permitted is taken, an instant alarm is triggered.
  • Some alarms are even linked to guard dogs and weaponized drones.
  • Then comes the second wave of executive protection professionals.
  • If the danger level rises, the residents are immediately evacuated to the safe-rooms.
  • The more barriers between a criminal and the owner, the better.

21. Tracking & Ads Blocking

  • Just like physical safety, the Wealthy understand that their attention also must be protected.
  • They have connected on their home internet router the NetGuard App which they control via their personal account. Every device that connects to the internet will get the same level of protection.
  • With it they can protect their family from: Propaganda, Ads, Tracking, Spammers, Criminals, “xxx movies”, Illegal sites and much more.

22. Private Schools

  • The Wealthy understand that we are all the average of our 5 closest friends. This is why they homeschool their children from young age. This way the family’s best values get ingrained in them.
  • Once they are ready, they are sent to private schools. There they can network with other kids of the world’s wealthiest people. All of this is achieved, while remaining immune to 21st century propaganda, gambling, drugs and vices.
  • One of the best things about private schools is that parents can choose who teaches their children and what content they learn. If they disagree with either of these two, they can intervene and change things. This is extremely rare in public schools.
  • One of the most difficult challenges that the children of the Wealthy face is feeling the pressure of their parents’ success while not knowing how to carve their own unique path. If this is left to fester, many children will succumb to destructive behavior. However, the best private schools have the knowledge and experience to deal with this specific problem.
  • Nevertheless, many of the current generations regard the entire “school-system” as a scam. They take a different route, enrolling in a couple of online courses and beginning to build their empires at a young age. They have already generated $50+ million by the time they reach the age of 30, allowing them to automate the businesses and live their lives as they please.

23. Office-Work

  • In the 21st century even the Wealthy need access to a Writing and Spreadsheets software. But nevertheless, they can’t use the mainstream solutions, due to the confidentiality level of their work. That is why they use the Office App.

24. Charity

  • Yes, contrary to the mainstream media, the Affluent are not evil. They want to help others and donate on a regular basis.
  • But they can’t do this in the regular way. They give to charities that allow them to opt out of their published donor lists and have their gift listed as “anonymous”.
  • They do not seek recognition when they are doing good.

25. Keeping Notes

  • The best way to keep notes yourself or with your close friends is by using the Notes App.
    This way, every note is instantly and securely synched to every device.

26. Phones

  • The Wealthy have multiple unlisted phone numbers. Some are delegated to their assistants to act as a filter. While others are shared with their closest family members.
  • When they get asked if they have one of the few mainstream phones, they just laugh.
    It’s because they know that those devices are absolutely not private.
  • The smartphones they use are Murena and Fairphone with DivestOS.
  • They anticipate that the Pinephone and Librem5 will be available for commercial use in the near future.
  • When they only need a phone to make calls and send SMS messages, they use the following solution: Phone & SIM card purchased anonymously; It’s simple and doesn’t have the capabilities for GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and all of the latest “Mumbo-Jumbo”; The battery can be physically removed; A professional removes the microphone and camera manually; When they need to make a call, they use headphones with a built-in microphone; They always keep it in a faraday wallet and take it out only when they need to make calls.

27. Encrypted Communication

  • The majority of people use social media and messaging apps for their daily communication.
    These mainstream solutions are not encrypted, private, secure, or trustworthy.
  • The Wealthy do not have the luxury of ignorance because they stand to lose far more.
    This is the reason why they use self-hosted software for encrypted messaging and video conferences or the Chat App and Meet App.

28. Data Breaches Protection

  • Personal information is collected and stored in databases every time we conduct business online. Millions of people may be affected by a data breach. Data breaches can result in the loss of bank statements, credit records, driver’s license documents, credit card data, real estate documents, tax documents, and so on.
  • Identity thieves can use this information to put your family’s finances at risk.
  • The Affluent pay specialized companies to monitor their data on a daily basis to see if it was compromised in one of the many data breaches that occur each year, so that they can assist them in taking protective measures.

29. Social Media

  • “Social media” is perceived as “social” only by the masses.
  • By the Wealthy it is perceived as just one of the tools to reach network or create value.
  • They make every effort to avoid these networks, but when they must, they always adhere to the following guidelines: Never upload personal photos with metadata; Always lock down the privacy settings to the max; Always connect via VPN; Never share the phone number, birthday, address or any other personal information; Never brag or slander; Never share IDs, documents, bank details, or passwords.
  • In other words, they don’t waste their time with “social media” by being a consumer.
    If they are there, they have a very good reason for it.
  • They have employees who manage the social media accounts and ensure that they have millions of followers.
  • When they want to use a social network, they use the Social App because they know it will be under their control.

30. Share Photos

  • When they want to share personal or business digital images they self-host or use the Gallery App.

31. Shopping Done Wisely

  • When it comes to purchasing, the Affluent are extremely selective. They rarely buy a product simply because they saw an advertisement for it. They mostly base their decisions on recommendations from their trusted network.
  • When they buy, they spend lavishly, but they expect maximum discretion, quality, security, and privacy.
  • If they see a provider asking for the phone number, date of birth, home address, job title, education level, or political party affiliation, they will immediately dismiss it as untrustworthy.
  • If they are satisfied with a service or product, they will tell all of their friends about it, but the same is true for negative experiences. Ultimately, they are the best customers for businesses that build mutual respect with them.
  • For general shopping they use the services of trusted personal shoppers.

32. Share Videos

  • They do not use mainstream solutions to share videos with the rest of the world.
    Instead, they self-host it themselves or use the Video App.
    It’s their own private version of YouTube and Vimeo.

33. Backups Backups Backups

  • All passwords are written on paper. A minimum of two copies are made and stored in secret locations.
  • They have at least two backups of all their electronic data stored on encrypted external disks.
  • Whenever they plan to dispose of any old devices, they hire professionals to ensure that any personal information is removed using advanced techniques.

34. Tor & VPN

  • They use the Tor browser for general browsing.
  • They use their residential IP address for banking login.
  • For other purposes, they use a VPN that is either self-hosted or provided by one of the following two companies: Mullvad & IVPN.
  • When using public Wi-Fi, they always connect to their VPN first and then surf wherever they want.

35. Search Engines

  • The following is what the mainstream search engines learn from their users: Location; Search terms; Purchases; Browsing history; Personal data used for advertising purposes; and much more.
  • The Wealthy use Tor to access the search engines Brave Search and DuckDuckGo, or they use the Search App.

36. Private Browsers

  • They pay trusted professionals to set up 3 browsers for specific use cases.
  • For the most private and secure use, they connect LibreWolf with the extensions uMatrix and uBlock Origin.
  • For cases where a website/service requires a Chrome-based browser, they use Brave Browser in tandem with the extension uBlock Origin.
  • Tor is used for anonymous browsing.

37. Markdown Documents

  • When they need to perform Markdown for blogging, messaging, forums, collaborative software, documentation pages, or readme files purposes, they self-host the software or use the Markdown App.

38. Computers & OS

  • They use Laptops whenever possible. They avoid “smartphones” and Desktop computers.
  • Laptops are a powerful tool that can be moved in an emergency and have a battery life of 10+ hours.
  • Passwords are always used for Login and even in the BIOS.
  • System 76, Purism, and Starlabs Laptops are recommended.
  • Linux Mint OS is a great choice for general use.
  • Qubes OS, Hardened BSD, and Open BSD are recommended for more advanced users.
  • They hire trusted professionals to help them set up all of their devices so that they can use them as easily as possible.

39. Run a Forum

  • When they want to own a Community Forum they either self-host it or use the Forum App.

40. Passwords & 2FA

  • They create strong passwords for their accounts and keep them written on paper, with at least two backups stored in secret locations. They don’t use browsers or password managers to store them because they know that anything digital CAN and WILL be hacked.
  • SMS, biometrics, and apps are not used for two-factor authentication because they are insecure. They make use of private USB keys. Each key has at least two backups. They hire privacy experts to help them with this setup.

41. Premium Health-Care

  • They have their own private gym in their home instead of going to a gym.
  • Instead of hiring personal trainers, they simply adhere to Jay Vincent’s rule:
    medium weights, 5 seconds in, 1 second hold, 5 seconds out.
    This method includes: no risk of injury, maximum muscle mass gain, and optimum fat loss. They work out for 30 minutes every 2-3 days.
    It is not important for the wealthy to look like a bodybuilder. They strive towards an athlete’s health because they know it is the most ideal human form.
  • The Affluent have a private hospital team available at the touch of a button. If something happens, a team will come to their home or any other location and provide premium service.
  • Most importantly, they understand that preventive medicine is the best option. As a result, they only consume real food and water. In a nutshell, anything with a sticker or label is not real food. And the only water worth drinking is pure spring water.
    The Matrix is designed in such a way that the majority of the human population can not afford this, but they CAN.

42. Premium Electricity & Internet

  • They have achieved power-loss/blackout immunity by combining photovoltaics, wind turbines, diesel generators, and batteries. In this manner, food in refrigerators does not spoil in the event of along-term power outage, and life continues as normal.
  • Optical internet is the most commonly used type of internet. When the cables are down, they use LTE internet through transportable LTE routers. The speed is slower, but it does the job.
  • Wi-Fi and LTE are avoided like the plague. They understand how useful RF technology is, but they are also well aware of the serious damage it does to human health. As a result, they use shielded Ethernet cables for their daily internet needs. They also use special adapters to connect their phones to them.

43. Share Ideas

  • When they want to visually share ideas with their trusted circle they either self-host the software or use the Whiteboard App.

44. Private Meetings

  • Today there is a lot of “sensitivity” when it comes to discussing almost anything, including poly-ticks, religion, race, nationality, careers, money, and so on.
  • The wealthy do not discuss any of these topics on the internet, in public, or even in general private areas of their home. They never say anything that they would not publish in the newspapers. They understand that anything that CAN get used against them, WILL be used against them.
  • They understand that even when they are visiting close friends, they cannot freely speak. They are aware that there are 3-30 listening devices in any room, recording all conversations 24/7/365.
  • They spend a small fortune to build a special room that is soundproof from the inside and outside for the truly important and private communications. It also has RF shielding on all six sides (including floor and ceiling). This room has no electronic devices, no windows, no power outlets, and no LED lights. Even then, for the most sensitive topics, they communicate in codes. Because you never know what cutting-edge technology their enemies are employing today to spy on them.

45. Services used by company owners

  • When they want to schedule appointments the Appointments App.
  • For automation of their marketing efforts the AutoMarketing App.
  • For Customer Relationship Management the CRM App.
  • When they want to share structured information with their customers the Wiki App.
  • For connecting multiple softwares and streamlining the workflow the AutoWorkflow App.
  • When they want their teams to manage the company projects in the most effective way possible the ProjectManagement App.
  • For their own private S3 storage the ObjectStorage App.
  • When they want to collaborate on mass scale with their team the Collaboration App.
  • For providing their customers easy and instant support the LiveChat App.
  • When they want to run private anonymous surveys the Survey App.
  • For a complete help desk solution the Helpdesk App.
  • When they want to monitor the traffic on their website without selling their visitors’ data the WebAnalytics App.

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